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 for humans and animals
 through energy work.

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For Humans


Imagine setting aside a whole hour, just for yourself. No phones, no interruptions, no to-do lists. You enter a serene environment and lie down comfortably as your body sinks into the cushy massage table. As the energy work commences, you allow the tension in your body to melt and dissolve away, and your mind seemingly floats away to a peaceful place. You experience deep relaxation, peacefulness, inner harmony, and perhaps a calm joy. You awaken feeling relaxed, refreshed, calm, more grounded, and with increased clarity to mindfully manage life's daily challenges. This is a glimpse of how your Awakened Harmony session could unfold.

A full session of energy work typically lasts 60 minutes, although longer sessions are available. The recipient lies fully-clothed on a massage table while the practitioner gently places her hands in various positions on or near the recipient's body. The Reiki energy flows through her hands for the recipient's highest good, and complementary techniques may be used to clear areas of compromise or congestion, and balance the body's energy systems for optimal well-being.

Photo courtesy of ABMP.

Experiences and sensations vary from person to person, and from session to session. During a session, the recipient may feel subtle, pleasant sensations such as warmth, coolness, or tingling, and may experience deep relaxation, release, refreshment, and/or a sense of well-being. In addition, she or he may notice continued benefits from the session long after it has concluded.

During sessions, I may integrate Reiki, Healing Touch for Animals(R), Healing Touch, therapeutic grade essential oils, and tuning forks for sound and vibrational benefits when appropriate, based on the client's preference and needs. These complementary techniques of holistic energy healing help to support the body's innate healing abilities.

Many people rush through life, dashing from one commitment to the next, neglecting or postponing essential time for self-care, nurturing, and recharging.
Are you ready to awaken and restore your innate harmony? I encourage you to schedule a session of energy work for yourself and/or your animal companions. It may assist you in creating better balance, harmony, and vitality in many areas of your life.


$70 per hour base rate, plus applicable state and local taxes. Rates and local taxes may vary slightly by location.


For location options, please contact me at the phone number or email address below.


Reiki is an amazing, powerful tool for self-care which can also be shared with your loved ones and all living things (two-legged, four-legged, winged, finned, rooted, etc.). It is easy to learn and, once attuned, you'll be empowered with Reiki energy for life. Please click on "
Classes" for information about educational opportunities I offer as a Reiki Master Teacher.

In the Media:

Dr. Oz and Reiki:
During a segment of his television program, Dr. Oz encouraged viewers to "Try Reiki" as his #1 doctor's order. He and his family are very familiar with Reiki -- his wife is a Reiki Master, and for decades Dr. Oz has invited alternative practitioners to complement patients' care in his medical practice. He refers to energy medicine as the medicine of the future, and thinks it "...may be ultimately the most important alternative medicine treatment of all." To view a CNN International segment about Dr. Oz and Reiki, click on the following link:

In an interview entitled "Reiki: Complementary Therapy" on ABC News' Healthy Life, a Reiki practitioner gives a brief introduction to Reiki, and a father describes how Reiki has positively affected his son who has autism. Click the following link to view the segment:

You can read Dawn's interview and case study of a performance dog with noise and thunderstorm anxiety. Click on the following link to the blog featuring Healing Touch for Animals:

"Northland Woman Uses Energy to Find Balance in Troubled Animals", Fox 21 News KQDS-TV,
 Animal Tales segment, aired November 6, 2009. To hear the interview and see Dawn offer energy work to a horse, click on the link:

"Paws for Joy" article in Living North Magazine, October 2009 issue. To read the article and interview with Dawn, click on the link
(you may need to create or login to a free account):

Contact Dawn with questions or to schedule sessions:

(218) 340-1901

Young Living Essential Oils Member #1075105

Although I'm located in the Duluth, Minnesota area,
distant sessions are available for both people and animals.

"Simple kindness to one's self and all that lives
is the most powerful transformational force of all."
~ David R. Hawkins

I do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat specific health conditions.
The services offered through Awakened Harmony, LLC and Paws for Joy are not
a substitute for traditional medical or veterinary health care, diagnosis, or treatment.
Consult with a licensed medical or veterinary professional for care as needed.

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