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For Animals

I offer Reiki and Healing Touch for Animals(R) sessions for animals. These are gentle, natural methods of energy work which encourage relaxation and aid in stress reduction. Through relaxation, energy work may help to enhance general well-being and balance of the body's energies, and may encourage the body's innate healing abilities to function more effectively.

These methods of energy work  can also support the gentle release of unwanted emotions and past trauma, and can facilitate behavior modification (including problems such as thunderstorm anxiety). For performance animals, energy work may reduce stress during competition, improve focus, and augment training and performance -- both for the animal and the handler.

Rose receives Reiki at the agility start line
to help her focus and recharge.

In the media:

You can read Dawn's interview and case study of a performance dog with noise and thunderstorm anxiety. Click on the following link to the blog featuring Healing Touch for Animals:

"Northland Woman Uses Energy to Find Balance in Troubled Animals", Fox 21 News KQDS-TV,
 Animal Tales segment, aired November 6, 2009. To hear the interview and see Dawn offer energy work to a horse, click on the link:

"Paws for Joy" article in Living North Magazine, October 2009 issue. To read the article and interview with Dawn, click on the link
(you may need to create or login to a free account):

A full session of energy work for an animal typically lasts 60 minutes, but can vary based on your intention and purpose for the session, the environment, and the animal's response. During a session, the animal is usually lying comfortably on its bed, furniture, or the floor. Some animals prefer to stand during the session. I'll work with whatever environment is comfortable for both the animal and me.

During the session, the practitioner gently places her hands in various positions on or near the animal, while offering Reiki energy through her hands and working with the animal's energy systems. Animals appear to be very sensitive to energy work, and some will actively participate in the session by moving into the position they find most beneficial or pleasing to them. The animal may lie still, may reposition to guide the session, and may even fall asleep. The animal may also show signs of contentment and relaxation and/or appear invigorated following a session.



Cocoa purrs while he enjoys his session of energy work.

Photo by Gary Fiedler
Radiant Spirit Gallery


During sessions, I may integrate Reiki, Healing Touch for Animals(R), therapeutic grade essential oils, and/or tuning forks for sound and vibrational benefits when appropriate, based on the needs of the animal and his/her guardian's preference.

Energy work is available to humans and animals through on-site and distant sessions for all purposes, including performance animals, those in need of behavior modification, and animals in shelters or foster care. Energy work can also provide compassionate support and assistance, both for the animal and his/her guardian, during terminal illness and/or end-of-life transition.

I offer energy sessions for many species, including horses, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and various other small animals. Reiki and Healing Touch for Animals(R) may be combined in the same session. I encourage you to schedule a Paws for Joy energy work session for yourself and/or your animal companions. 

Daisy gladly receives her session of energy work.

Photo by Gary Fiedler
Radiant Spirit Gallery


Standard session: $70 per hour, plus applicable taxes.

Rates for sessions of animal Reiki and pet Reiki are based on time, regardless of the number or variety of animals receiving energy work, or whether multiple energy modalities are offered. Distant sessions (not in-person) are available at the same hourly rate. Travel fee may apply for out-of-town, in-person sessions.


I offer standard animal sessions as home visits, a familiar environment for the animal, and will consider other options as needed. Distant sessions (not in-person) are also available. To discuss location options, please contact me at the phone number or email address below.


Reiki is an amazing, powerful tool for self-care which can also be shared with your loved ones and all living things (two-legged, four-legged, winged, finned, rooted, etc.). It is easy to learn and, once attuned, you'll be empowered with Reiki energy for life. Please click on "Classes" for additional information.   


Contact Dawn with questions or to schedule sessions:

(218) 340-1901

Young Living Essential Oils Member #1075105

Although I'm located in the Duluth, Minnesota area,
distant sessions are available for both people and animals.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
 can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

I do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat specific health conditions.
The services offered through Awakened Harmony, LLC and Paws for Joy are not
a substitute for traditional medical or veterinary health care, diagnosis, or treatment.
Consult with a licensed medical or veterinary professional for care as needed.

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